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Prep for the Great Safari Trip

Below we have listed a few general tips to get you going and keep in mind before taking off.

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Do you have travel insurance?

We suggest you take out travel insurance as soon as you confirm your travel plans and way before you pay for that deposit.

Therefore, you will be covered for that unexpected occurrences and events, even before you have travelled, such as illnesses, injury and family emergencies.

Check your personal safety:

This is matter of common sense and one of the most important factors when travelling. #Safety and #Security.

Therefore, take precautions while traveling within Africa and always travel with a certificate of insurance with you.

Remember the following:

  • Never carry large amounts of cash on you.
  • Keep all your personal belongings together, such as your passport and travel documents.
  • Keep a close eye on your personal belongings.
  • Avoid walking alone during evening times.
  • Find a safe place to put your travel documents.
  • Keep all your traveling gadgets out of sights.
  • Don’t travel with jewellery. Will reduce your chances of being a criminal target.

Mobile cell phone and Internet access:

Communication within Africa, are not the same as your home town, yet most mobile coverage, even wi-fi are becoming more and more widespread, although this might exclude some remote safari destination.

Water – Safety and Availability

Preferably drink bottled water as its always safe drinking bottled water. For safety, drink water purification tablet in case of emergency, when you know there might not be bottled water available.

Remember the Following:

Most of the African countries have their strict exchange control as well as regulations and therefore it could be illegal to enter or leave the country with other insignificant amounts of local currency. To avoid these problems. Never exchange too much money at once, as there is normally no restrictions on the amount of foreign currencies that can be imported.





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