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A fusion of Nature and Culture – Cape Town

So now that you have received those hard-working certificate, degree or whatever, your next step will be getting an internship somewhere in your selected field. But the question on your mind will be, where exactly? Cape Town perhaps?

According to statistics, Cape Town, South Africa is the place to be and to enjoy life while moving up in the corporate ladder.

Cape Town
The City of Cape Town

Below we have compiled a list of reason and views why Cape Town, South Africa is the perfect place to start of your career.

  • This City is cheaper to live in than other cities across the world. Especially if you come from outside Africa. Chances are that the exchange rate will be on your side. In Cape Town you will be able to, eat, live, explore, party and learn inexpensively, which means you can do a lot more in this city than worrying about money.
  • Diversity, nature and wildlife surround this city. It really has a bit of everything. You will be about to find biodiversity hotspots to internationally renowned cultural centres. Not just that, but the city boast with outdoor activities and festivals that will leave you in awe.
  • The most cosmopolitan city within South Africa. If you in the city Centre, you won’t miss Long Street, a place where you will find all types of people from various countries around the world. No doubt that when the day or night is over you are bound to have made friends from somewhere else.
  • No language barrier in Cape Town. South Africa has 11 official languages and English is the most common language spoken in Cape Town. And if you cannot speak English, you will learn quickly in your everyday conservations with residents.
  • You will get to live like a Cape Town local. Wherever you live, each place will have its own distinctive flavour to the area.
  • In all the media across the world, Cape Town has been listed as one of the cities you must visit in Africa.

This is truly the best and most intelligent city to live in, you will be able to do your internship and explore one of the worthiest places on everyone’s bucket list.

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