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We hope to offer some insight into South African and Cape Town culture to make your trip a little easier and help you get along with the locals.

Cape Town is nicknamed the Mother City, because it is considered the first and oldest South African city. You will find that its inhabitants represent a melting pot of different cultures, and you discover a mix of Dutch, African, English and French influences.

Music and art are a part of Cape Town, especially jazz – as seen with the International Jazz Festival. This famous festival unites international and South African artists and brings around 37 000 music-lovers together for two days (read more on the Cultural and Events’ page in Activities).

Food is a part of the culture too. Meat forms an important part, and has spawned the famous South African social meal, the braai. It is like a barbecue. You can easily experience a braai when you meet South Africans.

Enjoy your trip.

Remember the following: Safety tips

Your safety comes first! Generally for travellers the Southern Side of Africa is considered the safest. However any trip being taken, doesn’t matter where you are off to, it is wise to follow some safety precautions. Following wise advise, could assist you in avoiding future problems. Most safaris are situated in remote wildlife areas and game reserves, away from the …

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Tips for your African safari Trip

Before going a an safari trip, it is always great to know what to pack in before you go on that ever daring getaway trip, therefore we have made a small list of what you need so that you wont regret or miss any spectacular moment on the reserve. To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is …

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World Heritage sites within South Africa

World Heritage sites identify and protect areas of remarkable natural, historical and social value. Given South Africa’s assorted diversity and history and her overwhelming natural resources and untamed life, it does not come as a surprise that South Africa boats 8 World Heritage Sites. What are world heritage sites? Our social and common legacies are both essential for our future …

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International Cheetah Day!

Its only International cheetah day once and its today! International Cheetah Day is a celebrated to showcase the magnificence of the cheetah. To be honest, there is really, nothing more awe-inspiring than watching a cheetah sprint across the grasslands, every muscle of its body a flawless expression of speed and grace. Yet this is also a very important day, to …

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When you eat or drink in a restaurant, bar or club, the tipping standard is 10% of the bill. This is usually indicated on the bill and the customer must add their tip. For example, if the bill is R100, you will add R10. It is possible to pay in cash or with a credit card. The question: Are we obliged to tip …

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Braai in South Africa

What is a Braai? A braai in South Africa is a typical tradition. It is similar to a barbecue. It is an important social occasion for many South Africans. Heritage Day, on 24 September, has even been nicknamed Braai Day. It originated from white farmers, when they migrated inland between 1835 and 1852. To feed themselves, they hunted and cooked fresh meat over a fire. Braai …

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