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Safaris and Conservation initiatives

Safaris and Conservation initiatives – 2.5 hours from Cape Town! The history of Inverdoorn begins with free-roaming white rhinos, African buffalos and illusive Cape Leopards and continues with the rescue of Robby the male lion, who was fated for a future in canned hunting until his relocation to Inverdoorn with two female companions. Since then the sprawling 10 000 hectares that …

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Wildlife sanctuaries in Cape Town

Find your most desired and suitable tour when going on holiday. If you into conservation, then look no further, below is a list suitable for you: SANCCOB –  Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds Where – Bloubergrant, Blouberstrand, Blaawberg, Cape Town This is a nonprofit sea bird rehabilitation centre that is based, in Cape Town. Their aim …

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Tips for your African safari Trip

Before going a an safari trip, it is always great to know what to pack in before you go on that ever daring getaway trip, therefore we have made a small list of what you need so that you wont regret or miss any spectacular moment on the reserve. To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is …

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Helderberg Nature Reserve 2015 Moon Night walk

Helderberg Nature Reserve is in Somerset West on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountains, these mountains overlook False Bay. If you enjoy the outdoors more than being cooped up in a building, then get ready! Dust off your hiking boots and start gathering some friends for this extreme nature event. The New Moon Night Walk is a community driven initiative, aiming …

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International Cheetah Day!

Its only International cheetah day once and its today! International Cheetah Day is a celebrated to showcase the magnificence of the cheetah. To be honest, there is really, nothing more awe-inspiring than watching a cheetah sprint across the grasslands, every muscle of its body a flawless expression of speed and grace. Yet this is also a very important day, to …

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