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Birds in the Cape/Africa

Birds are abundant at Inverdoorn and one can find over 80 species on the game reserve.

Here are some of the birds you may see take to the sky:

South African Shelduck

Loves shallow waters and muddy shores.

Black-Winged StiltAfrican Fish Eagle (4)

Has long, red legs; a white stomach and black wings.

Has a long, thin, upturned beak which it sweeps from side to side in the water to catch food.

Red-Billed Teal
Nomadic and feeds on seeds and small quantities of invertebrates.

Blue Heron

Has blue-grey plumage and will often stand motionless as it searches for prey.
Black-Headed Heron
Can be found across sub-Saharan Africa, from Senegal to Ethiopia all the way to southern Africa, where it is common in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

They are the biggest and heaviest birds on Earth.

African Fish Eagle
Excellent hunters and can often be glimpsed swooping over the water.

Egyptian Geese
These birds are capable of flight, but prefer to stay on the ground.
Extremely sociable and nomadic.

Has a long beak to assist with feeding.

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