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Cape Town is an amazing place mixing culture, history, city life and the wild. To appreciate wildlife and nature, what better way than the game reserves close to the city? Safari Cape Town presents all the games reserves available in this city. You will observe incredible landscapes – sometimes very green, at other times a desert; and encounter wild animals in their natural habitat.

One of the principal elements of South Africa is finding the famous Big 5 on safari, the five animals which appear on the country’s banknotes. You will find these five animals in several game reserves. You may catch your breath in front of the king of animals: the majestic lion; or be impressed when you see the elegant leopard, the enormous elephant, the hefty rhino or the ferocious buffalo.

But wait! There’s more! Game reserves give you the chance to see zebras, crocodiles, hippos, antelope and countless other species; while ocean safaris offer the chance to watch the Southern right whale, Humpback whale and Bryde’s whale.

Many safaris present special attractions like interacting with cheetahs or walking with giraffes. There are many opportunities to live amazing experiences during your safari trip and come back home with unforgettable memories. You could also do a horse-riding safari or a flying safari.

Some game reserves provide luxury accommodation with terraces and swimming pools.

Cape Safari Adventure!

Are you in search of an amazing safari adventure, look no further. Simply 2.5 hours away from Cape Town, tucked away in the world famous Klein Karoo, lies Inverdoorn game reserve. The five-star African Big Five game reserve is surrounded by various wildlife, natural life and beautiful landscapes. However, this beautiful area doesn’t simply offer game drives, but there you …

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Wildlife sanctuaries in Cape Town

Find your most desired and suitable tour when going on holiday. If you into conservation, then look no further, below is a list suitable for you: SANCCOB –  Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds Where – Bloubergrant, Blouberstrand, Blaawberg, Cape Town This is a nonprofit sea bird rehabilitation centre that is based, in Cape Town. Their aim …

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Birds in the Cape/Africa

Birds are abundant at Inverdoorn and one can find over 80 species on the game reserve. Here are some of the birds you may see take to the sky: South African Shelduck Loves shallow waters and muddy shores. Black-Winged Stilt Has long, red legs; a white stomach and black wings. Avocet Has a long, thin, upturned beak which it sweeps …

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Experience the Magic in Cape Town

Experience the incredible place referred to as Cape Town and along with the good wild animals that is available. The Karoo carries a variety of things to do and tourist attractions available. Cape Town takes great pride in themselves especially  in offering a diversified choice of wildlife and safari travel services ensuring that no matter who you are, we’ve something …

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Africa and its magical safari experiences

Perhaps you have imagined finding South Africa’s many remarkable wildlife or going on a lavish safari, and certainly one of its most lively countries on earth? These days it’s possible, Africa is known for its impressive landscape and interesting and fascinating and most engaging wildlife, specifically being home to the Big Five, but from the thousands of sites showcasing wildlife, …

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Keep in touch with cheetahs in the Western Cape

Enjoy special personal encounters with these majestic mammalian athletes Cheetahs have been man’s hunting companions and royal friends for centuries. The ancient Egyptians worshiped cheetahs. The pharaohs kept cheetahs as close personal companions and believed that cheetahs had the power to carry their souls to the afterlife. The Western Cape Cheetah Conservation was formed in 2001, with the aim of breeding …

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African Safari adventure With Family in Cape Town

If going on a family safari, you will discover often unexpected factors occurring which may not make it that pleasant for you. Nevertheless here we will provide you with knowledge about how you are able to change those aspects to a great encounter for everyone. Often after or even during a wildlife trip, mothers and fathers will normally hear the …

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Finding Wildlife in the great Karoo

Big Five safaris is very important do for anybody thinking about wildlife and visiting The African continent. The Big Five refers to the Buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard and rhino. Should you be in search of a big five safari in South Africa then why not check out the City of Cape Town. A place which you could enjoy the best both …

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Inverdoorn Game Reserve Big 5 Safari

Inverdoorn Game Reserve is situated in the Ceres Karoo 2.5 hours from Cape Town. It is a private game reserve and safari lodge spanning 10 000 hectares and features the Big 5, giraffes, hippos, zebras, cheetahs, various antelopes and numerous species of birds. It is the only place close to Cape Town which offers so many varieties of free-ranging animals. In the beginning, it was …

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Bontebok Ridge Reserve

Bontebok Ridge Reserve is a natural reserve situated in the heart of the Cape Winelands one hour from Cape Town. This safari in South Africa includes zebra, eland, wildebeest, springbuck, duiker, grysbok, grey rhebok, and other wildlife species. During your 2 hour safari, you will learn about the quagga. It is an extinct animal, but the reserve is part of an attempt to re-breed the …

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