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Bars & Night clubs

Bars and night clubs in Cape Town are an important part of South African life. These are places where they can relax and after work and meet their friends. They want to have fun and talk about various subjects. You will appreciate their warm, welcoming nature. If they realise you are not from this city, they will be happy to discuss it with you. Long Street is a famous street. It is well known for its vibrant night life and is lined with bars and night clubs. So if you want to go out, definitely go there. There are a host of clubs with different types of ambiance, people and music styles. You just make your choice.

 You can choose between many possibilities. If you are a beer lover, you must to go to the Beer House which offers about 100 kinds of beer! If you prefer dancing to electro music, you can do this at Fiction Bar or the Republic Club.

Cape Town offers a great variety of bars from beer taverns to sophisticated whiskey bars. On this page, we show you the many amazing places where you can enjoy your evening. What is your favourite place? Mark places where you went to and steer others towards the best places.

Cape Town’s Best Birthday Party Venues

An variety of PARTY venues for your 21st, 30th or  50th birthdays If you are turning a day older, your birthday is a special occasion that needs to be celebrated with family and friends and often finding a venue in Cape Town can become a challenging task. This is where Safari Cape Town comes in. Aiming to supply you with the most enjoyable …

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Music and Poetry Weaving Past Boundaries of Convention

Poetics in the Music, not for the sake of it Located in Observatory, a hip, international neighbourhood of Cape Town’s southern suburbs, You will find Tagore’s which hosts a dynamic mix of locals and foreigners. The locals are almost all regulars, and the musicians, whether poets, rappers etc. Who you’ll know by name if you go every night for a …

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V&A’s Shimmy Beach Club – The hottest place to be !

If you are looking for a oceanic front relaxing or fun, hyped day. Look no further, there’s no cooler and better place to be than the V&A’s Shimmy Beach Club. Boastful  fine dining restaurant, whisky and vodka tasting rooms, two bars, an outside hydraulic stage and a extensive level leading down to an limitlessness pool and private beach, the premier …

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Have a Blast under R200 in Cape Town

So it’s that time of the year in Cape Town and money is a bit tight, but you can’t stand to sit at home and let life pass you by. Wondering where to go will always be the first thing on your mind. Growing up in Cape Town, being young and knowing all the hotspots in Town, I have drawn …

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ERA nightclub & Café – Cape Town, Loop Street

There is no doubt that Cape Town, “is the place to be”. The Nightlife scene is one of the most vibrant and most famous experiences for all. From locals to International visitors this city is packed with enthusiastic, creative, excited, exotic and diverse cultures. The latest addition to the vibrant city is ERA. The new two storey building hotspot opened …

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Beer House

Beer House is a bar in Cape Town situated on the famous Long Street known for its great night life. Beer lovers will be satisfied because it offers 20 taps to serve you one of 99 kinds of beer from South Africa and around the world. In a warm atmosphere, you can appreciate beer, music and people. Like their beers, food has …

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Fiction Bar

Fiction is a bar and night club in Cape Town situated on Long Street, known for its numerous clubs and great night life. The heritage building dates back to 1856. In May 2006, the club was taken over three passionate regulars.  Techno, electro, indie and dub step music lovers will be satisfied, as various evenings feature these styles of music. Tuesdays …

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