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The Truffle Restaurant in Cape Town

A placing a glamorous feel to one-of-a-kind Green Point bistro

The best strictly halaal Cape Town eateries can be found in Cape Town.  They put food on a plate to fill the bellies of the Mother City’s. Truffle in Green Point, Cape Town  is such a beautiful place to enjoy an meal.

There you will hear  a far cry from the corner s as the caffe’s and canteen-style takeaway outlets normally associated with Islam-appropriate eats, this glass covered  double-storey space is all class and has a  cosmopolitan flair to it. It also has a main view overlooking the metropolitan buzz of the busy Cape Town streets and which includes elegance and a great ambiance to it.

It’s also the kind of establishment you might expect to find in the modern centres of the Middle East, and it was, in fact, visits to this exotic part of the globe that encouraged owner Nisreen Ebrahim to set up the endeavour in Cape Town’s heart.

The Truffle restaurant
The Truffle restaurant

She was fascinated by the vast variety of dining choices available to halaal-eaters here, the freedom they have to eat without hindrance at many refined restaurants and the broad variety of culinary styles available to them.

The Truffle Restaurant is an ideal venue for corporate functions as business owners can then rest assured that all of their staff, including Muslim employees, are being catered for.


.Starters sit between R40 and R79, mains range from R70 to R280, desserts average around R55, light meals cost from R60 to R120, mocktails go for around R28 and gourmet milkshakes are all R32.

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