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The word on the street is #SausageEmbassy!

Out with the old and in with the new, called “mobile dining”. All over the world this trend is becoming more and more popular by the day and here within the Mother City , Cape Town, Olaf Bleibtreu, owner of the Sausage Embassy serves up a range of Authentic German Cuisine that is suited for a wide range of palettes.


Sausage Embassy

Today Olaf, sets the trend as being the first and only Sausage Embassy within the food truck industry in Cape Town.

Dinners in the new digital age seek more than the simply good food sensation, they seek adventure, they seek experience and convenience of course and that’s exactly what the Sausage Embassy brings to Cape Town.

Like any industry the food truck industry is competitive, therefore the “Sausage Embassy” have upped their game to create an awesome looking truck, to stand out from the rest, after all, people shop with their eyes. Therefore taking great pride in their business which means awesome food and a great truck.

The Sausage Embassy can withstand anything, as no dust or gravel can stop this German Beast truck. This machine can handle anything and would gladly bring the food to you!

Location can make or break you in the food industry, but for the Sausage Embassy and their German “Restaurant on wheels” has an open road address.

On Thursday, drive by the Oudekraal parking lot once a week. If you are traveling to or from Houtbay via Victoria Road, stop by the awesome new food truck serving up lunch and dinner with a great view between 11am and 7pm!

Let’s help make the Food truck industry thrive in Cape Town!




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