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Music and Poetry Weaving Past Boundaries of Convention

Poetics in the Music, not for the sake of it

Located in Observatory, a hip, international neighbourhood of Cape Town’s southern suburbs, You will find Tagore’s which hosts a dynamic mix of locals and foreigners.

Tagores – Featuring Young Local Talent

The locals are almost all regulars, and the musicians, whether poets, rappers etc. Who you’ll know by name if you go every night for a week, they will leave you in awe. The foreign bar lovers are usually young, unconventional travellers from all over the world who chooses to live in Observatory because the rent is cheap and there are plenty of artistic flavour to the area and are also centrally located making it perfect for nights out.

Tagore’s offers good conversation, live music, poetry and much more. Cape Town freshers artist and musicians lives and breathes at Tagore’s.

You will meet young musicians, producers, rappers and b-boxes live, all in one place.

On Valentine’s day, Tagore’s, featured these young local talents, The Rapper Dude also known as Sibonelo Philliph Ngcamu, showed us what a lyrical miracle he really is, Tmac known as Tshepo J Makhanda, all we can say SA Got talent, Tagore’s  B-Box queen Nompumelelo FoFa Mamqwathi  and A.V.O also known as Avukile Falakhe, he came as just a visitor enticed by the vibe, he had to join in and reveal his talents.

This is truly a space for talented young people to collaborate and rub shoulders with music legends in the making.

Remember that your contribution will support the unique performance platform Tagore’s offers musicians. Further, it will help us preserve Cape Town’s music heritage through your support.

Don’t miss out, visit Tagore’s 42 Trill Road, Observatory, Western Cape, South Africa… Best Local talent In and around Africa

 For more information on the musicians or place, feel free to contact us.



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