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Cape Town History

There may be plenty to witness and do when you travel to Cape town, just one of which entails a visit to a big 5 reserve.

However, what do you know about the city? A variety of history is tied up with colonialism, however this is really contemporary and there’s an abundance of history and heritage inside Cape town and the encircling areas that has been long uncared for.

The birthplace of humanity is claimed to be placed on the Cradle of Humankind in Gauteng, about an hour from Pretoria and Johannesburg; however even in Cape town one of the crucial earliest evidence of contemporary human beings has been found.

The surrounding areas used to be rich in fauna and flora/vegetation. Despite the fact that much has been devastated, it has no longer been wiped out and there’s nonetheless quite a few common attractions and lifestyles in the Cape Town.

Today there have been steps taken to defend and protect the Cape’s beauty!


  • table Mountain
  • Cederberg area
  • Groot Winterhoek wilderness discipline
  • Boland Mountain
  • De Hoop Nature Reserve
  • Boosmansbos area
  • Swartberg
  • Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve

One of the crucial and most known icons of Cape town is table Mountain. It is among the oldest mountains within the world.

Followed by signal Hill, and on the east side is devil’s peak. Together these make the city extremely special.

signal cape town

The indigenous folks of South Africa is the San. Later, the Khoi people, who led a pastoral way of life, adopted the hunter-collect lifestyle of the San, and are now probably mutually termed the Khoisan. The Khoi people hunted and gathered around Table Mountain, ensuring they left as little impact on the environment as feasible. The unusual landmark was given to the Khoi-San name Hoerikwaggo, which means ‘mountain in the sea’.

Cape Town has grown and transformed rather a lot over the centuries and today is a bustling city and main travellers destination.

Come and make memories in the world’s most historic country!

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