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One of the Greatest Birding Destinations

It could take forever to spot all the South African birds as there are over 900 types of Birds. However, even if you are here for a short while, you will still be able to tick off plenty of birds on that list that you have seen, while birdwatching.

In South Africa, our habitats are wetlands, desert, riverine bush, woodland areas and then there is the ocean.

Birdlife in South Africa is truly amazing, whether you are on a safari or cruising around the Cape Winelands, hiking or tanning on the beach, you won’t be far from some birding action or bird watching opportunities.birdlife

South Africa host over nine hundred birdlife species which ranges from the Familiar, swallows, robins and thrushes to even the less known bird types such as the turacos and sunbirds.

Many bird watches come for the endemics, these are specific types of birds found in Southern Africa and nowhere else in the world.

Did you know, the Blue Crane is South Africa’s national bird. The Cape Vulture, black Oystercatcher and the ground woodpecker birds are among the 113 birdlife that are endemics.

If you are within the Kruger National Park, don’t only look out for the Big Five, but have a look at the Big Six birds called the lappet-faced vulture, martial eagle, saddle-billed stork, kori bustard, ground hornbill and Pel’s fishing-owl.

Enjoy watching the oxpeckers hoover up some ticks and insects from hides of antelopes or buffaloes.

When you are back in the city suburbs have a lookout for the pre-historic bird flying over your head, it’s called the hadeda ibis.

If you are in the Mother City, Cape Town. Bird watcher or not, pop in by the penguin colony at Boulders beach, to be able to see these high endangered lovable birds rest and play.

There are various great birding routes all over South Africa. Find your favourite destination today!

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