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Travel trends for Africa 2016

What does the year 2016 hold in for us travellers? Below we have drawn up a few predications for the new year, this is based on a sort of trips that are trending…

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There are various travellers following the sun-drenched locations for getaways, vacations etc. a place where they can focus on the sun, relax and be flexible with activities etc.


The bucket list for travellers evolves as they are seeking, once in a lifetime safari experiences…


This trend has grew since the “Know me movement in 2015”, this is where tailor made travelling have expanded from the ultra- luxurious consumer space into a wide variety of customizable activities as well as accommodation that will deliver a unforgettable getaway that will be adapted for the individuals preferences and tastes.


Research shows the amount of solo traveller is growing tremendously.  Not all travellers are single, some are actually travelling alone because their partners are unavailable and doesn’t have free time to go along on the trip or they are busy perusing their own dreams.


If you are an international travel, you will clearly take advantage of the exchange rates and the long-haul flights. These types of savings are special indicators for the increase in luxury long distance travelling especially to exotic places like Africa.

So where are you off to this 2016?

Go on and make some memories, choose you ideal safari destination within Africa.

Let’s make 2016 one of the best years ever!

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