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Safaris and Conservation initiatives

Safaris and Conservation initiatives – 2.5 hours from Cape Town!

The history of Inverdoorn begins with free-roaming white rhinos, African buffalos and illusive Cape Leopards and continues with the rescue of Robby the male lion, who was fated for a future in canned hunting until his relocation to Inverdoorn with two female companions. Since then the sprawling 10 000 hectares that make up Inverdoorn have welcomed the return of many species.  The acquisition of two male elephants completed the game reserve as a Big 5 safari destination and marked an important step in conservation, re-introducing the species into the region for the first time.


Game drives are led by skilled rangers, motivated by their passion for wildlife and conservation. They assist guests in searching for the Big Five as well as a host of other animals including giraffe, zebra, springbok, kudu and a variety of birdlife. During ideal conditions guests are even allowed to step out of the safari vehicle and walk amongst the giraffes. Overnight guests will experience the glory of the setting sun when they embark on a sunset safari, which culminates with a trip to the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation.

Founded in 2001, the centre aims to rescue and rehabilitate cheetahs. Due to human interference and competition with other predators the population has drastically declined, forcing them to interbreed and resulting in a weakening of their genes, posing a further risk to their survival. The centre runs a breeding programme, pairing up unrelated cheetahs in an effort to strengthen the gene pool and the cheetah runs form a vital component of these programmes, because the female cheetah’s body must reach a temperature of 40C in order to ovulate.  Guests are invited to watch them run, witnessing the fastest land animal on Earth reach speeds of up to 120km/h. Cheetah interactions are also offered, inviting guests to meet tame cheetahs and find out more about cheetah conservation.

Come and Witness the cheetah run at Inverdoorn!

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