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Slanghoek Reserve in the Little Karoo

Slanghoek offers nature lovers, travellers and all residence a memorable experience, which is unique to the little Karoo. This game reserve is located in the Touwsrivier area, whereby the landscape shows various layers of mountains and distant rocky scenery.

Source: slanghoekretreat.co.za/ - Slanghoek in the Karoo
Source: slanghoekretreat.co.za/

Touwsriver is a little railway town between Barrydale and Ladismith in the little karoo, lying 185 kilometres east of Cape Town. When visiting, guest will be able to enjoy the Karoo friendliness and diversity of the large ecosystem and natural habitats that it brings to South Africa.

At Slanghoek you will see animals such as the springbok, gemsbok, klipspringer, vaal rhebok, duiker and wildebeest and also the well-known predators in the wild such as the black backed jackel, caracal and Cape Mountain leopard.  The Slanghoek reserve is also home to endangered riverine rabbit and three breeding pairs of black eagles also called the verreaux eagles.

If you  are interested in other safari adventures don’t hesitate to ask what is available. If you not keen on going on a safari drive, you can even consider taking a quiet walk through the bush/wilderness to observe closely the remarkable flora and fauna that the little Karoo brings to South Africa Especially the Cape Town Garden Route.

Below we have listed a few activities to consider when visiting the Slanghoek nature Reserve:

  • Game viewing – Great for observing the beauty of the wild and the natural landscapes it presents.
  • Mountain biking and rock climbing – for those adventurous type of people.
  • Hiking or nature walks – For those that prefer walking, pushing your body to the extreme.
  • Trail running- Explore the mountains and see what you can discover while trail running.
  • Bird watching- Explore the wildlife in our beautiful sky. Try to identify and capture the memories.
  • Swimming – Go for a swim, perfect for a hot summers day afternoon within the little Karoo.

Let the natural life and beauty of the Karoo enchant you!

The Slanghoek reserve includes deluxe safari lodge accommodations which includes the big five. You will be able to see stunning landscapes, wildlife and much more. Offering authentic African safari vacations and experiences close up.

This reserve also includes various wildlife found in Africa, which you can see from a relaxed safari game vehicle or your preferred type of safari excursion. An huge amount of indigenous wildlife and natural life spread across Africa, this confirms that you have an unforgettable safari experience within the Karoo.

The Karoo restores the soul. Take time to enjoy the sights & sounds of this magical Town! 

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