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Game Reserve and great accommodation

Accommodation 2.5 Hours away from Cape Town!

Game Reserve accommodation


Yes, Cape Town, South Africa is absolutely safe. But you need to take precautions the same as you would do with any country that you are travelling to.
Inverdoorn offers accommodation which is great for solo safari holidays in Africa. The tailor-made trips can be designed for single travelers, couples or small groups. Their trips are amazing if you’re travelling on your own; they work even better!

If you will be alone, you’ll dine together with fellow guests, whilst spending your days exploring the area and enjoying safari activities together.
But South Africa is an absolutely wonderful, stunningly beautiful, incredibly fascinating country. If  you had to let fear get the best of you,  you would have missed out on such alot of  wonderful destination. When exploring you will definitely have a great time.

 For prices you can contact their reservations office: [email protected]

They will gladly assist you!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when travelling to any country:Accommodation and game reserves

1) Stay at places with security. This could mean doormen, key card entry, and walls, gates, and/or fences.
2) Learn about the local dangers in every destination you visit. Take the time to talk to your hotel or guesthouse staff when you arrive and find out about what actions and places to avoid.
3) 4) Don’t drive in cities at night. Take taxis. Taxi drivers know how to avoid carjacking hotspots and are rarely carjacked.
4) If you go on safari, listen to your guide. Don’t ever get out of your vehicle unless you have explicit permission to do so. Don’t stand up, either. (“Sara, sit down,” was something I heard again and again on our game drives.)

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