Friday , November 28 2014
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    Sea Point – La Mouette

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    AfrikaBurn 2014

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  • Tip


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  • Braai in South Africa

    Braai in South Africa

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  • Passport & Visa

    Passport & Visa

    Visitor’s Permit Most passport holders are exempt from visas for tourist stays of less than 90 days....

Welcome on Safari Cape Town!

Do you want to live exhilarating experiences? Come to Cape Town and participate to an amazing Safari! This website is intended to help safaris lovers and thrill lovers to organise their safari tour in Cape Town. We introduce you to all the safaris which are available in the amazing region of Cape Town which brings the sea and the mountain, the city and the wild. Two safaris offer the possibility of seeing the famous Big 5 that you will find on South African banknotes: quiver in front of the king of the jungle, the lion; the big rhino, awesome elephant, Cape buffalo and the mysterious leopard. Many other animals also live on game reserve such as malicious zebra, nimble antelope, gangly giraffe or fat hippo. Several safaris give you the opportunity to participate special attractions like walking with giraffes, interacting with cheetahs, horse safaris and flying safaris.

We also present you different kinds of accommodation. Some game reserves allow you to luxury accommodations with your own terraces and make swimming pool available to you. It can supply meals, internet, TV and things shower. You can go in hotels, guesthouse or backpackers too.

We offer you useful information about the city such as the weather and visa applications, to help you prepare your trip. We give information about South Africa culture because each culture has its particularity. For example, Cape Town people, even those you do not know, you wonder how are you; it is a rule of courtesy. There are 11 official languages in South Africa, and the most used are English and Afrikaner. If you hear someone say you “Howzzit?”, this person you ask just how are you.

And not only that! Because Cape Town is not only known for its safaris and its famous Big 5, it is also famed for its animated life, rich and diverse culture. For this reason, we present you with different activities you can do during your trip, during the day and in the evenings too. We index cultural events, museums and monuments to visit, as well as restaurants, bars and night clubs that you can try. If you are living in the city, there is a lot to do within walking distance. Otherwise, do not worry, there are buses, taxis and organised tours for activities that are far away or take place at night.

We want help you before, and during, your stay so you can enjoy the best of Cape Town and come back home with a lot wonderful memories. And because we believe that the best opinions are offered by those who experience the places, we give you the opportunity to rate each of one of them.